Granite Remnants for Home Remodeling on a Budget

Home remodeling on a budget?  Granite remnants are a cost effective way to bring in beauty.

Granite Remnants for Home Remodeling on a Budget, Leftover Granite Pieces for Sale in MA

You can find granite remnants for sale at our showroom in Worcester, MA.

One of the best investments you can make in your home is updating your kitchen or bath – but you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing so.  While you may have your heart set on granite countertops and a gorgeous tile backsplash, your leftover money from these projects might be leaving you with few options elsewhere… but you do have choices!

For instance, granite remnants are the perfect way to incorporate more granite décor into your home when you’re feeling financially drained.  Updating your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to end with the countertops and vanity tops; selecting the same high quality granite pieces in a smaller size can save you a lot of money

The following article from explains the process of selecting granite remnants a bit further.

Granite Remnants

Granite has long been known as an expensive material because of its color, strength and durability. Its price is dictated primarily by its extraordinary colors and vein patterns. The beauty and elegance of each stone is unique because of the way it is developed under extreme heat and pressure. This makes every granite countertop special and one-of-a-kind. With granite’s exceptional qualities, it is only proper that it is priced higher than other materials. But what about those who want granite but just can’t afford it? Is there a way in which its price can be lowered so that more people can afford it?

Granite Remnants for Home Remodeling on a Budget, Leftover Granite Pieces for Sale in MA

Granite Now More Affordable

Fortunately, the answer is yes. There is granite stone that is within reach of the average homeowner. Granite fabricators have been aware of this need, that’s why they have devised ways by which they can provide granite to homeowners who can’t afford showroom prices. Affordable classes of granite include granite tiles, faux granite and granite remnants. Their prices per square foot are much lower than granite slabs. With these affordable granite options, you can build a granite countertop without breaking your budget.

Granite Remnants – the Most Affordable

Of all granite options, granite remnants are the cheapest. If you use them in building your granite counter, or any smaller project, you can save from 10% to 90% of the original cost. Considering the typical price of granite, which is $65 to $120 per square foot, you can save up to $100 per square foot by using these remnants. And you still get to build your granite table top at a fraction of the cost.

What are Granite Remnants

There are at least two types of granite remnants on the market today. The most common are those that are left-over cuttings from big granite slabs. For every granite slab that is used for building a granite countertop, flooring or wall, there will be off-cuts or leftovers. These are small pieces of granite which are not big enough for major projects but stil aren’t considered waste material because they can still be used for smaller projects. Granite fabricators are selling them at give-away prices because they have already been paid for by the original buyer of the slab.

Another type of granite remnant is the smaller granite slab that is not big enough to be used for building standard-sized granite countertops. There are quarrying and mining situations that result in granite slabs being made smaller than the standard-sized slabs. Because of their smaller sizes, they are priced much lower than the usual price.

Characteristics of Granite Remnants

Due of the manner by which they were created, granite remnants (those which are leftover from big granite slabs) have different shapes, sizes and even thicknesses. Of course, since they come from different granite slabs, they will also have varying colors and vein patterns. This is also true with the remnant granite slab, with the variations in thicknesses somewhat greater between each slab.

With these physical variations in size, thickness and color, using these granite remnants for construction projects will be more challenging. You have to be flexible and you need to use the best of your imagination to be able to work them out in your design. With their varying shapes and colors, you could even turn out a very unique countertop that will be fascinating to look at.

Uses for Granite Remnants

There are many ways that granite remnants can be used in the home. They can be used in remodeling your table tops or building new granite projects. The larger remnants can be cut and shaped into a small granite countertop or a large kitchen island. With the smaller leftover granite, you can build projects like bathroom vanities, small kitchen islands, backsplashes, coffee tables, and the like.

Aside from construction projects, you can also form granite remnants into attractive containers for indoor and outdoor plants. They can also be made into a beautiful stepping-stone path in your garden. You can even use round or rectangular pieces of leftovers as coffee trays. These remnants can also be used to replace your old window ledges. In fact, you can use them anywhere you think a small piece of granite can improve the style and elegance of the space.

You Have To Be Flexible

When buying granite leftovers you cannot specify the stone that you would like. You have to settle with what is available at the shop floor of granite fabricators. In fact, once you have spotted a piece that you like, you have to buy it right away, because if you don’t, another person might pick it up and it will be lost forever. With its very low prices, more and more people are searching for granite remnants, so you have to act fast.

These remnants are every bit as beautiful and durable as the original slab. But since they are leftovers from different slabs, they have different colors, vein patterns and thicknesses. This is where you have to really exercise your flexibility and imagination. Having a general plan of the project, as to its shape, size and color will help a lot in spotting the pieces that will fit. Do not expect to find exact sizes, colors and shape that you want.

Granite remnants can have major cost savings over their full-slab relatives.  But you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price.  Granite remnants don’t lack in quality what regular granite slabs possess; the only difference between a granite slab and granite remnants is size.

If you’re looking for granite remnants for your kitchen, bath or other home renovation, stop by The Stone Cobblers in Worcester, Massachusetts to view our inventory of granite remnants.  You may want to contact us beforehand to schedule your visit and to find out more about what granite remnants we have in stock.

We’re very happy to help you remodel your home on a budget!


  1. Do you have any Bianco Romano remnants, or any other granite that may look similar? I like the look of Carrarra Marble, but have done the marble in my bathroom, and it just doesn’t work. Too easily stained. thank you!

    • The Stone Cobblers says:

      Hi Carol. We have Bianco Romano and many that are similar. You are best off to come on down and to look at our large inventory of remnants.

  2. Donald Watson says:

    I am looking for a 20 X 20 inch ( more or less) grainet stone to work chocolate on.

    I would need it shiped to Texas.

    • The Stone Cobblers says:

      Hi Donald. You are better off finding a local fabricator that could cut from a remnant. The shipping cost would be high.

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  4. Do you install and cut to specs? How long does it take from orer to deliver and install?

    • The Stone Cobblers says:

      We sure do, Vicki! Please give us a call and we can speak about specifics. 508-757-6070